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Chimera is a feline-like creature with a green snake-like tail. Chimera eggs have a green vine-like or snake-line pattern surrounding it.


Chimera eggs were released to the Egg Cave on October 5, 2009 along with Krahs, Niphas and Unhemns. Chimeras patrol the Eastern Jungle and have an inseparable bond with it. The Science and Research Center in Ark City theorizes that Chimera eggs appear in the Egg Cave because Arkians steal them from the Eastern Jungle while they're harvesting elderberries, and then bring them to the Egg Cave. Chimera have fiery eyes and a feisty personality, and they are not nearly as gentle as an Alkub.


Chimeras are pretty average eggs. They need 150 feeds, another 150 feeds to evolve and 200 feeds to be an adult.