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In a manner similar to that of Feeps, the shells of Candit eggs are also covered in a sugar-like substance. The grainy, gelatinous texture of these eggs is comparable to that of gummy candy and is incredibly sticky to the touch.

Commonly known for being candy bandits (and rightfully so), the sugar-loving Candit has an insatiable urge for any and all sweet treats. They are usually found infiltrating candy stores and bakeries all over Ark City, leading to them being branded as annoying and unwelcome guests. Despite this sneaky stealing behavior, Candits are actually friendly towards humans and mean no ill will.

It has been determined by the Science and Research Center that the Candit is not a species that came about naturally into existence, but rather an artificial one created through unknown means.

Aside from confectioneries, the Candit will also prey upon creatures such as Feeps, Gingerlions, and Lotty.


Candits are rainbow striped, and covered with candy. They grow to 1m in length and weigh in at 4.5kg. They are primarily green, pink, and. blue, and have an orange color come in at evolution.


Candits evolve on feeds: 200, 400, and 880, respectively.