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The Adoption Center is a location in Ark City, a fictional place in the world of Ark. It is owned and ran by Linda the Alkub. The Adoption Center is a place where users can adopt eggs that have been abandoned by other players and abandon their own eggs as well for a cost.

The center opened to the public on September 26, 2009 to mixed reviews. The one egg per day limit was criticized as well as the high costs of abandoning an egg, since at the time the game's currency, EC, has just been introduced. This was later changed to a three eggs per day limit and a cost of 4,500 EC per egg.

It is the rightmost building on the map of Ark City, just beside the Town Hall.

It is very hard to get eggs or creatures from the Adoption Center, because not many eggs are ever abandoned, and because 3 eggs are needed to be in for someone to be able to see them.

Adopting and abandoning creatures changes their ID.